【AMOUR FOU ‧ 為愛痴狂】展覽活動


“ 這次展覽所選的女性藝術家都是崇尚自由的靈魂及不畏現實屈服的女子,而每一次的流動,每一種配色都是在和這些女性藝術家的對話,如果我是他會怎麼做,要如何透過他詮釋某個階段的人生?所以藝術家們特別挑選了與女性藝術家的共鳴之處,來述說出自己的故事。





報名表單如下,當日歡迎自由進場 :


The female artists selected for this exhibition are all women who advocate freedom and are not afraid of this society . Through his interpretation of a certain stage of life?  Therefore, the artists specially selected the places that resonated with female artists to tell their own stories.

 Through the uncontrolled and random nature of fluid painting, we tell our own version of the story of the different loves and most sincere emotions, desires, passion for creation, and uncompromising attitude in history.

 This Saturday, we are very happy to invite MOWA and NOVEMBER, the two artists in this exhibition. They turn their life stories into dance works. They use the deep melodies of hand-disc musicians with surging emotions to bring a beauty full of conflict.  Experience, dance is not only an expression of contemplation of one’s own life journey, but also a collision of artists’ ideals.

 In this dance, the artist’s ideas are visualized in the physical performance, and the fluid painting is matched with the tufted scenery of the live space, blending the work, the dancer and the audience in the same time and space, entering the dancer’s inner world, showing a unique scenery,  Through the interweaving of dance and works, it will lead you into the deepest dialogue and throbbing between the artist and yourself.

The premiere of the exhibition will be staged on April 16 (SAT), and guests are welcome.









Current Art Space


|AMOUR FOU ‧ 為愛痴狂|

​展覽日期 Date|4/10 (Sun) - 5/14 (Sat)

演出時間 Show Time | ​14:30(Sat)

開放時間 Opening hours|13:00 – 19:00​

藝術家Artists |黃致熒 NOVEMBER、呂孟樺 MOWA

展覽地點Current Art Space|​


B1., No. 5, Ln. 116, Sec 1, Da’an Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City (MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing  Station

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